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The leaders of Ashes to Crowns Ministries believe in One God with the Father, Son, and Spirit as persons of the Trinity. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Incarnate Son who lived a sinless life and died on the cross to save us from our sins. We accept that the Holy Spirit comes into our lives the moment we ask Jesus to forgive our sin, come to live in us through His Spirit, and control our lives. We believe that those who accept Jesus as Savior and Lord have everlasting life both now and forever.
Ashes to Crowns Ministries exists to glorify God through the Lord Jesus Christ in the power of His Holy Spirit and to encourage people to find identity and freedom in Christ.
The passion behind Ashes to Crowns Ministries is to pray for, encourage, teach, and train people about the Bible and God’s amazing life for them, and to do so through speaking opportunities, written materials, singing engagements, and other opportunities which the Lord may direct.

Sharon travels to Bible schools and seminaries internationally to teach not only her Bible studies, but other courses, as the opportunities arise. She accepts invitations to teach New Testament or Biblical Theology courses. She has taught at Seminario Teológico Bautista Mexicano, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. She is willing to teach with an interpreter.


Sharon Gresham, the Director of Ashes to Crowns Ministries, writes that prayer binds the community of believers together so prayer is the foundation for any work under the umbrella of Ashes to Crowns Ministries. The purpose for the ministry includes teaching all people how to handle long-standing hurts and hang-ups, and encourage them to live in the freedom the Lord Jesus came to give: to experience the reality of God’s love and to see themselves as God sees them.

The ministry develops messages from the Biblical Hebrew and Greek languages. These biblically- and theologically-based messages are for discipleship and for training—through a variety of events: retreats, conferences, luncheons, dinners, Bible studies, or teacher-development seminars, and other opportunities groups may want.

The studies introduce individuals to Jesus Christ and encourage people to live more closely with Jesus. A current Bible study available is Paul’s Life-Song of Joy and Unity: A Commentary-Workbook on the Letter to the Philippians. This study is the first of a series of Spirit-led teaching tools for domestic and international audiences.

In teacher-development events, Sharon trains leaders how to study more deeply, lead others to a fuller study of the Bible, and impart faith in a deeper way.